Frédéric Bour

Welcome to my website. I am a software engineer interested in computer science in general, and programming language theory in particular.

I work at Tarides on the implementation of the OCaml programming language. I am also doing a (CIFRE) PhD in the INRIA Cambium team under the supervision of François Pottier.

You can reach me at

2023-03-07 — Imperative BBT part 2: Binary Search Trees 2023-03-05 — Imperative Balanced Binary Trees, part 1: Core balancing 2023-03-05 — High quality scrolling with Emacs 2022-04-14 — Even more compact lexer table 2021-06-25 — A typeof operator in OCaml 2021-06-25 — DDCUTIL: controlling the brightness of an external monitor 2020-11-14 — Pretty-printing with dominators 2020-09-06 — Nottui & Lwd at ML Workshop 2020 2020-09-05 — Inuit: textual user interfaces, OCaml workshop 2016 2020-05-10 — Cuite design (1/?): QObject in OCaml 2020-05-02 — Compact lexer table representation 2020-03-15 — Mettre à jour un firmware NVME